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Check-in at the campsite is from 15 – 21 – Check-out is from 10 -15.

The campsite in Fossatún is primarily for families, individuals or small groups. It should also be noted that there are also other types of accommodation in the area.

Fossatún is not suitable for larger groups, e.g. family reunions and shared dining facilities. Access to the Troll Park is included in the price of the campsite and also a discount on troll books etc. available at reception.

The price list is based on one night’s stay in an accommodation unit: caravan, mobile home, camping wagon, tent. It is assumed that each unit has a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children over the age of 6 or 3 adults. For each adult excess in the accommodation unit is 1000 ISK. additional fee if there is only 1 adult and 1 child over 6 years of age in the accommodation unit is ISK 1000 discount from base price. If this framework does not fit, we will discuss the issues.

In areas 1-2: Náttúra and Randver, the price is ISK 6,000. for unity. The areas have 6 separate single (private) parking spaces for 1 accommodation unit each. Ideal for guests who want to have a spacious place to themselves.

In areas 3-6: Spilverk, Sykurmolar, Trúbrot and Þokkabot, the basic price is ISK 5,000. for unity. The areas are open areas for 5 to 8 accommodation units, Ideal for individuals and families who want to stay close together.

Note: Randver and Spilverk are gravel parking spaces with a grass surface for the parking spaces and are especially intended for (larger types of) caravans and mobile homes – i.e. heavier type of accommodation units.

The price for electricity is 1200 per day.

Winter priece: From 1st September to 30th April 4000 ISK pr. unit. 

The campsite in Fossatún offers 6 separate areas, which are surrounded by tree shelter belts. Pricing is based on the that it is favorable for families to stay in good conditions and also have access to unique entertainment and facilities. 

A lot of entertainment and facilities are included: Troll Garden, a unique playground for the whole family and hiking trails, playground and trampoline, showers and hot tubs, mini-golf, washing-up facilities with hot and cold water, a giant outdoor grill with a platform and a table stand, good toilet facilities and disposal of toilet waste . ISK 1000 is paid. deposit for 2 rentals of mini-golf clubs and balls which is refunded upon return. Rental period incl. use, or a maximum of 2 hours 

Kitchen facilities are NOT included in camping accommodation.

We recommend that guests order online.

Dogs are allowed and their owners are responsible for keeping them on a leash and not disturbing other guests. Electrical plugs are in all areas either two or three pin (see map) Guests are expected to be considerate and from 24 to 09 it is strictly forbidden to make noise or cause a disturbance. The age limit for booking and staying in on the camp site is 20 years.

Restaurant: Rock’n’Troll Kaffi is in the area and offers: breakfast, coffee breaks and dinner. It is recommended to order in advance.

Cancellation terms: 14 days. Must be canceled 14 days before arrival.