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The ideal place to stay at and travel from – TÖFRAHRINGURINN – THE MAGIC CIRCLE

Fossatún Country Hotel and Rock ´n´ Troll Coffee House (Restaurant) will be closed over Christmas and New Year 24th, 25th, 26th , 31st December and 1st January for dinner and breakfast. Camping Pods and Sunset Cottage are open for accommodation with access to kitchen and hot tubs etc.

After 1st December we are only open for dinner if we have preorders from guests – orders must be placed minimum a day before the dinner reservation.

Plus the pizza option: Order pizza before 6 and it is ready for takeaway to kitchen house  at between 7-8. 

Please send us your reservation: date and food order.

Dinner Menu


Grasasnar have done a tribute album to American singer/songwriter John Prine. The album is called Prine. Elveven tracks in both English and Icelandic.

Check Grasasnar on Spotify: 

In Fossatún you will find places for hiking, walking, incredible scenery and nature both in the bright summer days and dark winter nights illuminated by the Northern Lights.

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