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Dinner Opening Hours

Restaurant is open. Kitchen is open for orders from18 to 20:00 Sundays – Thursdays and to 20:30 Fridays and Saturdays.

Closed on Good Friday and Easter Day for dinner

15th May – 31st October

Kitchen opening time 18 – 20:30 from Sundays to Thursdays and to 21:00 Fridays and Saturdays.


Great food, unique view and music you love. Worth a stop!

Dinner Menu

Please send us your reservation: date and food order.

For groups over 8 persons we ask that group order is limited to 3 dishes from menu. 

Our restaurant is a place to relax and enjoy the closeness of nature,  the view and to listen to music. Our collection, contains more than 3,000  vinyl albums and 5,000 CDs. Our staff will be happy to play the albums in their entirety, not individual songs at dinner.

The vinyl record and CD collection is owned by Steinar Berg, host of Fossatún, but his life has always been connected to music. He worked in the Icelandic music scene for 30 years and owned Steinar hf. a leading music company in Iceland and released music with many of the best, most fun and interesting musicians in Icelandic history. The restaurant’s unique location offers a closeness to nature and a view that is unparalleled.


Breakfast Opening Hours

 15th May -15th September: 

7:30 – 9:30 

16th September – 31st October  and 1st February  – 15th May: 

8:00 – 9:30

 6th November  – 31st January

8:30– 10:00  

Breakfast buffet price: 1700ISK

Breakfast is included with Fossatún Country Hotel rooms but must be ordered in advance for camping pods and Sunset Cottage.

If you are travelling in West Iceland or if you are staying at Fossatún you are welcome to taste our special dishes while enjoying the waterfall views from the on-site restaurant. The menu is a mix of local and international cooking and materials. Our speciality are the duos:  Traditional Duo & Local Duo. The Fossatún Duos give a taste of two dishes from our kitchen.  A Duo is a meal for one, with emphasis on local food, home cooking and world spices. Check our menus  here below.            

Click here to see Menus: Breakfast Buffet –  Dinner MenuDrink Menu – Group Menu Lunch


Our dining room is a place to relax at and enjoy listening to some old and new records when having dinner. Guests can choose a record from the vinyl collection, which includes more than 3.000 records or 5000 CD´s, and our staff will happily put it to play. The vinyl and CD collection is owned by Steinar Berg, the host of Fossatún, who´s life has always been connected with music. He worked in the Icelandic music scene for 30 years and owned Steinar Records, a leading local music company and published music by many of Iceland’s most interesting and best loved musical talents.

Good food and music you love. Worth the stop!