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Opening hours: May – August from 10 – 17 every day. April, September, October: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from 10 – 17. Outside these periods: Only advance bookings for groups.

The Troll Books and the Troll and Folktale Walks

When the host in Fossatún, Steinar Berg, first arrived to this area, he found a rock with the shape of a troll’s face by the Troll Waterfalls. This inspired him to  write folk stories about trolls. His books have been well received and successful in Iceland. The book Tryggdatröll  (The Last Troll) is available in 6 languages apart from Icelandic: English, French, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Spanish. The book is illustrated by Brian Pilkington.

“A new and wonderful Icelandic folk story has emerged, a model children’s book, both for children and adults.”

 Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir, Iceland Review Magazine (about The Last Troll)

Steinar’s latest book – Trunt TruntFolktales of Trolls, Elves and People, includes 12 stories based on folklore and locations in the West Region of Iceland. It is illustrated by 6 Icelandic artists and is available in English, German and French. Ideal to visit the story locations when travelling the West of Iceland.

Below is the map showing where the stories in the book take place – in West Iceland.

The Troll Books are available in all main book shops around Iceland, several other popular stops and also at Fossatún Reception. Guests staying in Fossatún will find a voucher in their rooms/pods for 500 kr. discount  for the books.   

Troll Stroll – Folktale Hike- Troll Games


The walks are connected with the books. The Troll Stroll is a short walk with view over The Troll Waterfalls and background of The Last Troll story – and you learn about trolls on the way. The Folktale Hike is an extension of the Troll Walk. It is based on the Trunt, Trunt book and you learn about folktales and locations in the West Region of Iceland. In addition you enjoy a wonderful panorama view of the Borgarfjördur area and mountain circle. Also The Troll Games are a lot of fun. 



Trollkick – Use a football. Each person gets 5 kicks on goal but 3 if it is a team competition. The score is based on the points marked by the holes in the goal – but minus one point if the ball hits Labbakútur, the troll goalie.


Troll-Tug of War – Two individuals or two teams need to compete. Adjust the rope so both knots are in equal distance from the stone. The winner is the person or team that pulls the opponent’s knot first to the stone.

Trollwords -Words starting with troll are common in the Icelandic language. Turn the wheels to find the correct letters to form a word starting with TROLL. The letters must be continuous but not all wheels/letters have to be used. Here below is a selection of troll words in the Icelandic language that might fit, or you can create a new troll word for your own language.

Tröllkarl, Tröllkerling, Tröllskessa, Tröllvaxinn, Tröllkona, Tröllabarn, Tröllafoss, Trölladyngja, Tröllaskagi, Tröllakór, Tröllahafrar, Trölladeig, Tröllahafrar, Tröllasaga, Tröllatog, Tröllafet, Tröllaspark, Tröllakast, Tröllsleg, Tröllagras, Tröllahendur, Tröllahlátur, Tröllakerti, Tröllasaga, Tröllaskegg, Tröllagangur, Tröllaskítur, Tröllaspor, Tröllaukin, Tröllavegur, Tröllasúra, Tröllatryggð, Trölldómur, Tröllríða, Tröllheimskur, Tröllatrú, Tröllaslagur, Tröllavömb, Trölleðla, Tröllhöfði, Trölli


The Player starts by tossing the marker starting at squire one and then one after the other. The object must land completely within the square. The player then hops through the course, skipping the square with the marker. For the first single square either foot may be used but then the same foot for the rest. Side-by-side squares are straddled (two feet) and at the end where the player turns to go back. The player stops in the square before the marker and reaches down to pick it up and continue back to home base. Upon successfully completing the sequence, the player continues by tossing the marker into square number two and repeating the pattern for the remaining squares. If, while hopping through the court the player steps on a line, misses a square, or loses balance, his/hers turn ends. Players begin their next turn where they last left off. The first player to complete one course for every square on the court wins the game.

Trollthrow – Use handball. Each person gets 5 shots on goal but 3 if it is a team competition. The score is based on the points achieved and marked by the holes in the goal.

Trollgrip -Rocks marked with the age of troll kids need to be lifted onto a flat big stone. Men aged 16 and over get score according to number on the heaviest stone they lift, but the score doubles for others. So, a child or a woman lifting a stone marked 4 scores 8 points.

Trollfooting – The bar is divided into 10 coloured areas. Players must move forward along the bar, step by step. One point for each of the coloured areas players manage to touch with their foot.